One moulding plane done (well, almost)

The body of the moulding plane is done, now I just need to heat treat and sharpen the iron.  The final touches to the plane only took about a half hour or so.  It involved carving a curved profile on the shoulder between the plane’s grip and the lower part of the body with a carving gouge.  On future planes, I’ll actually be using this plane to make that profile instead of a gouge.

I also added bevels (also called chamfers) to the top and ends of the grip.  These are for comfort as well as for looks.

I tried adding a decorative notch with the carving gouge on the front and back ends of the shoulder, but they just didn’t turn out right.  I’ll have to figure out the right way to add them before I make the next plane.

Speaking of the next plane, I have started working on it and have  few photos, but not enough for my first blog post.  Things are finally starting to slow down with work so I hope to get some more time in the shop and can show the process for making these planes.  The process is surprisingly simple and I hope that at least some of you are inspired to try making a plane or two yourselves.

Just a reminder about the Facebook page.  There hasn’t been much activity yet, but I would love for those of you who woodwork to share photos of your own work, questions, comments, and anything else woodworking related.

Until next time. . .

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