Roubo frame saw

Happy New Year

Well,  its a new year and I’m looking forward to the chance to do some more woodworking than I did in 2015.  I am also going to make a serious attempt to blog more than I did in 2015 (which won’t take much).

While I didn’t get much woodworking done last year, I thought I would do a couple of posts about the handful of projects I did work on.

The first significant project I did was building a Roubo frame saw for resawing lumber (cutting thinner boards from thicker ones).

Roubo frame saw

Roubo frame saw

I made this saw using a blade and hard ware from Blackburn Tools.  I made the wooden frame out of hickory.  I don’t know if I would use hickory again if I was to do it over.  The saw is really heavy and can be a beast to move around.  I chose to go with a 4″ wide blade on the saw, which is only offered in a 48″ length.  This makes the frame of the saw just short of five feet long in total, which is almost too long for one person to use.  I’ve used the saw on a couple of projects so far, and it works really well.  I had some trouble getting the saw to cut straight at first, but I was able to fix that by removing some of the set on the right side of the saw blade with a diamond stone.

The frame saw is a really great tool that I’m glad to have in my shop now.  It has opened up a lot of opportunities for me since I can resaw the thickness of lumber I need from larger stock instead of planing away a lot of extra stock or making things larger than I would prefer.

Next week, I’ll write a post about a box I made to hold the diamond plates I use for sharpening using the frame saw.

Until next time. . .

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. billlattpa

    I love the saw! I saw one at a tool show and thought it was awesome. It’s one of those “future projects” for me that we all love to talk about.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Phil Day Post author

      This was one of the most useful projects I’ve ever done. It was on my “future projects” list for over a year before I finally decided it was time to make one. When you’re ready, I would highly recommend the hardware kit from Blackburn Tools.

      Happy New Year!

  2. caasinoraa

    Phil, I didn’t see this until yesterday. Love the way it turned out, and very happy to see that you have been enjoying it. Is it tracking to your satisfaction now?



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