Planemaker’s Floats Part 5

Its been an extremely busy few weeks and I haven’t had much time for woodworking, much less for blogging.  I was able to finish the planemaker’s floats I have been working on.

2014-02-07 20.36.52 - Copy

Hardening a float.


A week ago, I was able to get the floats hardened.  My in-laws had a nice hot fire going in their wood stove; just waiting for the float blades.  I did end up with a little warping of the steel.  It wasn’t too bad though, and I don’t think it will affect the tools in use.

The next day, was able to temper the blades in a toaster oven.  2014-02-08 16.16.51 - Copy

After the tempering was finished, I sharpened the floats.  Finally, after a coat or two of boiled linseed oil on the handles, the floats are all finished.

2014-02-08 17.17.43 - Copy

Finished Planemaker’s Floats


This weekend, I have started working on restoring three vintage handsaws, which I plan on selling.  More about these saws in a future post.

Until next time. . .

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