Early Birthday Presents. . . I think I might be in love.

New Veritas Tenon Saws

New Veritas Tenon Saws

Tonight I received my early birthday presents, new Tenon Saws from Veritas.  These are brand new saws from Veritas and right now there is an introductory offer (through December 26) where you can save up to $65 on the pair of saws.  Now through December 26th, the saws are $99.00 each if you buy them separately (the regular price will be $119.00 each).  If you buy both of the saws together as a set (the set is only available during the introductory period) you can get them for $175.00.

I tried the saws out tonight and I’m extremely impressed; in fact, I think I might be in love.  The saws have thin saw plates and cut fairly aggressively while leaving a clean cut. The saws are 16″ long and have right at 4″ of depth under the spine.   I don’t have a lot of experience with other brands of tenon saws.  I have used a couple at Woodworking in America the past couple of years.  In my opinion, these saws are as good as any I’ve used.

If you are in the market for tenon saws and want to take advantage of a great deal, you should really take advantage of this introductory offer.  Click here for the product page on the Lee Valley Tools website.

I will put up a more complete tool focus on these saws after I’ve had a chance to put them through there paces.

Until next time. . .

3 thoughts on “Early Birthday Presents. . . I think I might be in love.

    1. Phil Day Post author

      I was amazed at how fast the rip saw cut. I was cutting around 3/16″ with each stroke through 1 1/2″ poplar when I was trying the saws out on some scrap. I definitely recommend the rip saw, especially for the introductory price.

      1. billlattpa

        That price is ridiculous! Going by your review, and the fact that the other Veritas saws are all of high quality, you aren’t going to get a comparable saw without spending at least another $50.

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