Welcome home surprise!

2013-11-09 18.14.05

My wife, Amy and I got home from a week long Walt Disney World vacation.  Coming back to 50° from Florida’s 80°, sunny days was quite a shock.  I also got a very unexpected surprise when we got back to the house.  We made sure to have our mail stopped while were gone and didn’t expect any packages.  That being said, as we drove past the front of the house, Amy commented about a big FedEx package that was sitting by our front door.  Who knows how long it had been sitting there.  Once we got inside, I went out to bring in the box and noticed it was addressed to me.  I had no idea what it could be.

2013-11-09 18.14.24

I opened up the box, and out came a brand new handsaw.  A closer look at the index card taped to the box indicate that I had won the Rip cutting event at Woodworking in America and the saw was the prize!

2013-11-09 18.15.33

2013-11-09 18.15.55I can’t wait to put this saw through it’s paces.  It will definitely be making appearances in future blog posts!

Until next time. . .

5 thoughts on “Welcome home surprise!

  1. Amy Day

    I may not be a woodworker, but I can still testify – this saw is gorgeous! I’m so proud if my hubby! He’s amazing at everything he does, and I’m thrilled he won! Congrats Sweetie! You deserve it and more!!!

  2. billlattpa

    Congrats on winning the contest and on the prize! That is a nice saw you have there! I very nearly purchased the very same one and I probably will one day. I hope you have it forever!


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