Woodworking In America 2013 (Day 2)









2013-10-19 09.54.11

I wish Woodworking In America was more than two and a half days long.  Today was another great day of sessions.  The first session I sat in on was carver Mary May demonstrating how to add life to leaf carvings.  I really need to invest in a good set of carving tools and really get my feet wet.  If you are interested in learning wood carving, Mary has an online carving school you should check out.

The next session was Roy Underhill demonstrating “The Mystery Mallet” (see the photo above).

After Roy’s class, I hit the marketplace and competed in a couple of Hand Tool Olympics events, bought a couple of tools, and had some lunch.

2013-10-19 14.19.41

The whole afternoon was time well spent with Peter Follansbee as he demonstrated the process of building a 17th century joyned chest.

I could have spent all day learning from and talking with Peter and been happy.  This session alone was worth the trip to the conference.

Tomorrow is the last day of WIA.  I’ll post a summary of the day tomorrow night.

Until then . . .

One thought on “Woodworking In America 2013 (Day 2)

  1. Shirley Wheeler

    The chest is just beautiful. It sounds like your getting lot’s of information. I am intrigued about how she showed adding life to the leaf carvings. I’m interested to see how she did it. Does the carving add a shaded appearance or is it in the way she does the veins of the leaves. Very interesting to be sure! Can’t wait to see more pictures and your summary! Glad your enjoying it!


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