Murphy strikes again. . .

Mr. Murphy struck tonight in my shop, making it a very frustrating evening. On Saturday, I finished chopping the mortises for the slats at the bottom of the gate and dry fit the entire gate.

2013-07-27 12.29.03

Everything fit beautifully. Yesterday, I glued and pegged the lattice-work at the top of the gate.

That brings me to tonight. I started gluing up the slats for the bottom of the gate when disaster struck.  Adding glue to the mortises in the bottom kick board of the gate caused the wood to swell, which made it extremely frustrating to get the tenons to go into them – check for Mr. Murphy.  I finally got the joints started and started hammering them together.  Because it took so long, the glue on the tenons and in the mortises started to set up, making it start to get tacky – another check for Mr. Murphy.  I nearly had the joints seated fully, and decided to use a couple of pipe clamps to draw everything together.  Murphy used one of my choices against me – earlier in the build, I decided to use a “whitewood” (whatever the heck whitewood is) from a big box store as the kick board because I wanted to reduce the weight.  The problem is that this stuff isn’t all that strong when used for joinery.  As I tightened up the clamps, CRACK – checkmate!.  The board broke all along one cheek of the mortises.

2013-07-29 21.13.56


It’s hard to see in the photo because I removed the slats, but the whole right side of the board started to break away along the mortises.  Now I have to remake this board and try to remove the old glue from the mortise and tenon joints.

Until next time. . .

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