Spontaneous Shop Project – Stud Mounted Storage Box

This week I didn’t work on the End Table project at all. Instead, a spontaneous shop project came up. I keep most of my tools in the utility room in our basement. The walls inside the utility room are unfinished, so the studs are exposed.

For the past year or so, I’ve been been hanging my drafting triangles, french curves, dividers, and other design tools hanging from nails on a couple of the studs inside the door.



This arrangement has been frustrating because if I move something, the triangles and french curves fall off the nail and I have to stop what I’m doing to pick everything up. On Monday, I had finally had enough.

To solve the problem, I made an open topped box that would fit between the studs to hold all these tools. I used some scrap poplar that I had in my shop. I wanted the front to overlap the studs so I could mount it with screws. I attached the front to the sides using through tenons. The sides and the back are dovetailed. The bottom is a floating panel in a grove in all four vertical components.

Here are some pictures…





Then I installed the box with four screws into the stud and put all the tools in the box.




Overall, this was a quick, easy project. It will really help to improve the efficiency of my shop.

I’d love to hear about the spontaneous projects you have done. Please leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Spontaneous Shop Project – Stud Mounted Storage Box

  1. Shirley Wheeler

    Oh Philip, I can see your in trouble now! Amy must being going crazy thinking of organization projects for her(you got to love her organizing OCD…LOL). This really is fabulous and looks great too!


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