Arts and Crafts End Tables–Rough Cutting Stock

Rough cut components

Rough cut components

Its been another busy week, and I haven’t gotten as much woodworking time as I would like (but when to any of us ever get as much time for our hobbies as we would like).  My shop time this week was mainly dedicated to choosing which pieces of lumber would be used for the various components for the end tables.

I first chose the board that would be used for the legs of the second table.  While I was at it, I selected the lumber for the table tops.  From the scrap of these boards, I also have the material that will make up the cavities for the drawers.

The board that I had selected for the legs ended up with a fair amount of cupping (for those of you who aren’t woodworkers, imagine looking down the length of the board from the end and seeing a slight “U” shape across the width of the board).  On the material for the first leg, I tried to plane the board flat before cutting out the blanks for the leg.  Was that ever a big mistake.  I ended up with a board that was way to thin to try cutting the profile to make the legs lock together.  So, I planed the board down to only 3/8” thick and now it will be the material for the slats on either a side or back of one of the tables.  This is the piece on the far left of the photo above.

That about covers it for this past week.  This week I hope to get the profiles cut on the leg components and get them glued up.  I plan to write a post that goes into more detail about how I cut these profiles around the middle of the week.

In the meantime, I’d like to know if you’re interested in reading more about the tools, techniques, and other details related to the way I work on projects.  Please let me know your opinion by leaving a comment below.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts End Tables–Rough Cutting Stock

    1. Shirley Wheeler

      Who knew there was so much preparation in doing a piece! I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts and of course see the finished project! I love the look of your blog…very nice!


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