Arts and Crafts End Tables – Leg Design

The most complex part of this project is going to be the legs, so I want to try to tackle them first. Arts and Crafts furniture (particularly Stickley style) was often made with what are called quadralinear legs. This just means that each leg was made up of four pieces of wood. This was done so that each side of the legs would have straight grain running down their lengths.

With power-tools, these would usually be made with a Lock Miter router bit like the one in this video from Rockler Woodworking. Figuring out how to do something similar with hand tools took a while. Here is the profile I came up with for each of the leg pieces.

Quadralinear Leg Section

The four pieces should interlock as shown in this picture.

Quadralinear Leg Interlock

There will be two major challenges to making these legs. The first will be to accurately create this profile on the leg stock using a plow plane and a rabbet plane. For those of you how aren’t woodworkers, a plow plane cuts a groove with two walls in the middle of board, and a rabbet plane creates a ledge along the outside edges. The second challenge will be that each of these sections are only going to be around 1 3/4″ wide, so finding a way to hold the pieces while cutting the grooves and rabbets will be difficult.

I expect to start working on the legs by the end of this week. I will post photos and more information this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts End Tables – Leg Design

  1. Shirley Wheeler

    I’m still blown away at all your preparation! This is going to be a piece you will be able to treasure for years to come!


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